Sunday, November 20, 2011

Internet Cheat Sheet

Students, utilize Google Scholar and RefSeek when starting research for your assignment. You can find the links to all search engines under the label Links to the right of the page.  From there you can enter key phrases or words to search.

Phrases & Words
        United States Presidents
      Influential Presidents of the United States
Then once you decide upon your president:                     
      Background on “president’s name”
     “president’s name” ‘s accomplishments

Also, when searching for a president’s pictures you can use Google; just type in their name and hit search.  Then click on the images link to the left.  From there you will find images of your president of choice. Then you can use the image in your Glogster poster. DO NOT forget to cite the image in your reference page.
If you have difficulty finding results try narrowing your search words or rephrasing them.